Cleaning Services


All college buildings are cleaned by professionally trained staff with a combined total of 484 years of cleaning experience. The average number of years of service is 11.5 but many are 20-25 year veterans.

There are approximately 66 buildings on the Mount Holyoke campus with the newest, a residence hall, coming on line in September of 2008.

Housekeepers clean residence halls and have become an integral part of student life while living on campus. The daily interaction between students and housekeepers helps to create a warm and comfortable environment.

Custodians clean academic and administrative buildings working both a first and a second shift. Faculty and staff have come to rely on the custodians to provide clean organized offices, classrooms and common spaces.

The Mount Holyoke College’s cleaning program utilizes an outside cleaning consultant that has provided services for over 25 years. Audits are conducted periodically to evaluate the cleanliness levels and conditions of the interiors, which typically surpass our high standards.

The MHC cleaning departments have been using environmentally friendly “green” cleaning chemicals since 2002 in all of our buildings. Not only for environmental benefits but also for the health and safety of our cleaners, students, faculty and staff. The cleaning chemicals are both “Green Seal” certified and EPA registered.

Manager of Cleaning Services: Kerry Fisher
Phone: 413-538-2861

Housekeeping Supervisor: Eunice Coutinho
Phone: 413-538-2014

Custodial Supervisors: Sue Cote (1st shift) and Cristina Mitchell (2nd shift)
Email: and
Phone: 413-538-2098