Demand Response

Demand Response is a strategy employed to voluntarily reduce electrical consumption in response to explicit requests based upon critical conditions, time and market prices. Large, typically commercial, users participate in this program by reducing consumption, thereby reducing stress on the regional electric grid. This scheme helps to avoid electrical brown-outs and even potential black-outs. In exchange, the grid operators compensate participants at a negotiated rate that tracks with the daily market price of generated electricity. The College has entered into just such an agreement and has been called upon to voluntarily reduce our electrical demand on several occasions since 2008.

A “Curtailment Event” is generally called when demand for electricity approaches the limits of generating capacity currently available on the grid, and usually occurs in the afternoon hours, after several days of continuous hot weather. There are other occasions that initiate this program and they include unexpected generation shortages, bi-annual audits (called when no real events have occurred within a certain time period), and the recent addition of a Winter Event. We have experienced all of these conditions and have issued a call for our appropriate campus demand response in these instances.

In each case we have successfully met or exceeded our predetermined goal. Our performance is closely monitored by our contractual partner EnerNOC, and is determined by the amount of our reduction over the assigned period versus a calculated baseline. That baseline is based upon the previous five days consumption, which is then projected over the event timeframe.

To see our recent performance charts please follow the link provided below.

enernoc demand response report 7/22/11
enernoc demand response report 6/15/11
enernoc demand response report 12/15/10

For more information concerning Demand Response check any of these web sites:

An example of our efforts is illustrated here.
An example of our efforts is illustrated here.