The Electrical Team, which consists of five licensed electricians including one supervisor, is responsible for the maintenance, renovation, construction and installation of all the campus electrical systems.  These systems include primary electrical distribution and secondary systems; building services; emergency systems; fire protection systems; motor controls; and data/telecommunications wiring for the interior and exterior of the more than fifty buildings on campus.

As an independent and fully functioning department the Electrical Team has kept pace with ever changing technology. Utilizing up to date equipment including manhole equipment, cable pullers, and a bucket truck with a 30’ telescoping boom, the department has been able to tackle essentially every challenge.  In addition to responding to 1400 service requests each year they have routinely: installed underground cable; replaced massive phone cables; installed all outdoor lighting including street lighting; done all of the campuses ‘One Card’ security system installations; and tested and maintained the 7,000 smoke detectors on our campus.

The work accomplished by this veteran team can range from assisting students with support for the social events during the school year to installing complete fire detection and alarm systems during the summer months.  The steady increase in energy costs have meant that the team has handled large lighting retrofit projects involving complete buildings.

Because of their skill level and productivity the electrical team is the college’s first choice for any projects no matter what size or scope.  When electrical work is done by outside concerns it is because of time conflict – never a lack of skills, tools or experience.

With major projects, preventive maintenance, and the steady move to the most energy efficient standards this team of four electricians is pulled in many directions.  Their average 21 years of experience, just on our campus, serves them well and keeps them constantly in demand.