The Grounds Team – which consists of Skilled Laborers and a Vehicle Mechanic and supervised by David Barthelette– has a broad collection of responsibilities affecting the Main Campuses 177 acres. 

Tasks typically associated with a turf management program such as: fertilizing, aerifying, pesticide applications, mowing, irrigating etc. are handled by the Grounds Team – both on the campus in general and on the Athletic Fields.  The other Athletic Field Program responsibilities of: line marking; crew team dock installation; track and field equipment installation; wintertime clearing of snow on the athletic fields, etc. are handled by the Grounds Team.

Seasonal work such as snow plowing, snow shoveling, leaf removal, street sweeping, and fire wood cutting are also handled by the Grounds Team.

The same group also supports the College’s extensive equestrian program by providing maintenance of: the indoor and outdoor riding arenas; and the maintenance of paddocks, jumps and riding trails.

The Teams considerable skills are put to good use: designing, procuring and installing the plantings that are such a conspicuous part of the College’s nationally recognized Campus.  The areas that are so often used as the backdrops for College ceremonies and events are the product of the Grounds Teams creativity and care.

At the same time one component of this Team is keeping the Campus looking pristine another part is maintaining the College’s fleet of vehicles, and still another is providing the construction support essential to the installation of underground utilities, outdoor lighting, and storm drainage.

Averaging more than 16 years of service each the Grounds Team is a collection of well educated, well trained and seasoned staff who bring a strong sense of pride and professionalism to their  work on our Campus.