Mandelle Hall

Mandelle Hall

North and South Mandelle Halls (called the Mandelles or the 'Delles) were constructed in 1923. North and South Mandelle are separate, smaller halls that connect to form one large building. The Mandelles are at the south end of Prospect Hill. The building was originally called Hillside, but it was renamed in 1930 in honor of Mary B. Mandelle. The Mandelles are notable because they resemble the older halls that surround Skinner Green, but are set across Lower Lake.

North Mandelle houses 116 students on four floors and a basement and South Mandelle houses 90 students on four floors. The Mandelles also have three two-room double suites, the first of their kind on campus. The Mandelles feature beautiful living rooms and sun rooms. The third floor of North Mandelle is one of two quiet floors on campus (the other is located in Abbey Hall), where residents agree to a higher standard of quiet than exists elsewhere on campus. A number of Frances Perkins students, who are students of non-traditional age returning to college, reside on the quiet floor.

The Mandelles are located next to 1837 Hall and near Pratt Music Building. Residents of North and South Mandelle are housed in single, double, and triple rooms. North Mandelle first floor was renovated in the summer of 2005, adding several private rooms with bathrooms along with a game room and student kitchen to be shared by residents of both halls.

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