The Paint Department- which consists of 4 Painters and their Supervisor Mike Hurley, – has responsibility for all painted surfaces, on our two million square foot campus.

Their responsibilities include, of course, the work ordinarily associated with any Paint Department – that of painting and wall papering all interior surfaces and painting exterior surfaces.  Additionally they are responsible for: the re-glazing of window sashes; the installation of interior signs including all ADA signage; the seasonal installation of insulation on hinged windows in our older residence halls; and the annual effort of repainting all traffic and parking lines throughout the entire Campus.

The Department’s three manufacturer’s systems of color calibrating machines and the corresponding color formulating computer software allows the Paint Team to work closely with the College’s Interior Designers on all decorating projects.  It should be mentioned that – with the exception of very major projects where there is an outside General Contractor and Project Manager - all painting services are provided by the Facilities Paint Team.

The six members of the Paint Department bring an average of more than 32 years of Mount Holyoke College service to the job each day; and an average of nearly 18 years of professional painting experience to each project.  These years of experience make them particularly well suited to address the needs associated with maintaining an eighteenth century church, a one acre indoor riding arena, providing decorative touches to the center of the basketball court, installation of a 160’ long logo on the athletic fields, and a collection of other unique and challenging tasks.

Over the years the Paint Department has grown into a very focused and competitive team – always anxious to bring their skills and professionalism to bear positively on a Campus of which they feel an integral part.

Paint Department Supervisor: Michael Hurley
Phone: 413-538-3377