The Plumbing Department consists of three licensed plumbers with experience is in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional plumbing. The Plumbing Department is responsible for the maintenance of all water, sewer, and natural gas systems on the campus and related properties.

The Plumbing Department operates by a team management concept.  All projects are reviewed and then scheduled according to priority.  The team chooses the selection of tools, equipment and materials. 

The Department handles roughly 1600 maintenance service request yearly.  These requests range from leaky faucets, blocked drains, to broken pipes, water mains, and sewers.  The Department often works with Faculty, Staff and Students, in the layout and installation of equipment used in teaching or in research.

The Department works closely with the Town of South Hadley Plumbing and Gas Inspector, Water and Public Works Departments as well as Columbia Gas utility Co. to insure that the College is in full compliance of the constantly changing laws that affect our safety and our environment.

In recent years the Plumbing Department has tackled projects involving residence hall renovations or alterations and the replacement of water or sewer mains.  The Department has provided long range planning of valve and fixture replacement; a uniform set of plumbing specifications; and a database of equipment and materials.

Plumbing Department Supervisor: John Donah
Phone: 413-538-3199