Project Management

The Project Team consists of two Project Managers – Paul Breen and Michael Donais - who, combined, have more than fifty years of experience in the field.  Their experience is almost exclusively in commercial construction projects. In a typical year this two person team manages projects totaling between ten and fifteen million dollars. 

When they are managing a project their oversight begins with discussing the concept with the department involved and following that project through: developing the needs and scope; introducing an architectural or design team into the process; finalizing both the plans and the budget so they are compatible; working the final plans through the bidding process; determining the contractor; and shepherding the project to completion.

Beyond that, and perhaps beyond what is normally handled by the typical construction management team, the Project Team arranges for alternative work areas when the nature of a project requires them – including telephones, data, signage, furnishings, etc. – so that the affected office can continue to serve their constituency with as little disruption as possible.

As a project nears completion the Project Team is responsible not just for fixed furnishing and equipment, (light fixtures, built in work stations, floor coverings, etc.), but for the complete array of furnishings and equipment, (desks, tables, lamps, chairs, copiers, clocks, piano, etc.) so that the reentry to a department’s office or a new residence hall is as smooth a transition as possible.

In managing a typical project this team makes certain that they meet the requirements of: the affected department; prevailing statutes; the College’s ergonomic and fire safety standards; the College’s standards for fixtures and hardware; and the concerns of students, alumnae, and the Conference Office.  This team is uniquely able to meet those requirements because of their relationship with all of those constituencies.  The long term relationships with those groups and the in depth knowledge of their needs makes this Team especially able to deliver one successful project after another.

Current Projects