Capital Projects 2013-2014

Capital Projects FY13-14
Academic Space
MEWS - Plum / SAW Initiative
Accessibility lab in Library 231 or south stacks location
Equestrian Ctr. replace footing material in arenas
Art Bldg 219
Residential Space
Cultural house upkeep
Res hall interiors public spaces
Rockefeller student flooring
Refurbish student apartments
Pearson Porch / ADA ramp
Retube Reilly boilers (3)
Replace refractory walls #1, #2 boilers
- OCK-Dining
- Woolley-Rocky
- Pearsons-Pres House
- Prospect-Willitts
- Kendall emergency lighting to genset
Remove OCK gas tank
Crosswalk at Dwight to Village Commons
Paving - Blanchard Circle improvements
Bus shelter at Blanchard
Building Envelope
- Kendall pool roof / fall protection
Building Systems
Mandelle South renovation
Energy conservation projects
Hot water tank replacement
Upgrade energy management system
Gas fired mechanical equipment
Fire alarm conversation to fiber optic - 50 @ $10K
Torrey electrical wiring
Student apartments to central fire alarm system
Air handler at Kendall Pool
Various projects on campus
Safety / Regulatory / Code
Remove/ replace Dwight fire escape
- Upper dam work
Fire escape work as a result of inspections