Facilities Systems

The FM System Support Team – which consists of two broadly skilled technicians – has responsibility for a large collection of equipment and a wide variety of services.

The team provides, for Facilities Management, the sort of support associated with an IT group including the installation of hardware and software, and the maintenance to keep all of that up and running. Within the Facilities Management Department there are: about fifty computer work stations; four servers; and a variety of printers and large plotters.  But that represents only a small part of role this Team plays.

Over the last decade this Team has been transferring all of the College’s blueprints to digital storage.  This dramatically increases the ease and speed of storage, access, ability to organize, and data retrieval.

Additionally, the Geographic Information System (GIS) component of this Team provides a Georeferenced representation of the Campus which is used in combination with the Team’s Computer Aided Design (CAD) system.  This allows the College to manage its outdoor infrastructure with the same digitized accuracy formerly associated with only interior infrastructure. Layers of mapped information – reflect the locations of underground utilities with both certainty and precision.

This means that the Team can generate maps clearly showing the location of: sewer lines, water lines, drainage systems, underground telecom and fiber optic cabling, fire suppression water lines, paved surfaces, parking places & their designated uses, buildings, trees, litter barrels, natural contours, wetlands, environmental resource buffer zones, street lights, gas lines, emergency phones, etc. And they can provide any combinations of these features on a given map.

This collection of drawings and maps is not only critical to the Facilities Management Department’s various teams being able to operate at maximum speed and efficiency – but has impact beyond the FM Department.  Outside contractors and project management firms are able to meet our needs at a more competitive price because of the support they can rely on from the FM Systems Team.  Just as importantly, the College is able to be a ‘good neighbor’ when dealing with the South Hadley Fire Department, the South Hadley DPW, and other various Town Offices.

Equally essential is the day to day role this Team plays in helping to input and manage the Work Order System and the Financial Accounting for the Department.  The programs put into place by this Team have made it possible to track the work of the entire FM Department so that: costs are tabulated and assigned; labor expenditures can be categorized and analyzed; and the departments decisions in the future can be enlightened and informed.  Additionally, this Team contributes greatly to meeting the challenges of a very complex payroll system on a daily basis

The Facilities Management Department operates with a distinct advantage over its peers because of the vision, talents, and breadth of ability found within this Team.