Tent Regulations

Using Tents on Campus Grounds

     Tents are a fun and attractive addition to all kinds of events on campus. However, there are several regulations that commercial grade tents must adhere to in order to be used safely.
     In order to make sure those regulations are adhered to permits are required. Those are: Dig Safe Permit; Fire Inspection Permit; and a Building Permit. It is the responsibility of the 'End User' or Department to notify Facilities Management of their plan to use a tent on campus, and they should do this via the Dig Safe application available below. This permit includes sections for each of the regulated areas and all must be checked off as "APPROVED" prior to the tent being occupied. This protocol has been established to insure that the 'End User' will have no last minute problems at the time scheduled for the installation of the tent. Following this protocol will mean that Facilities Management will see to it that all permitting processes are initiated. Should the 'End User or Department decide to take these responsibilities upon themselves, excluding the Dig Safe portion, they may. All fees associated with this permit remain the responsibility of the sponsoring user or Department


1. The 'End User' or Department should contact the FM Office or click the link below for a copy of the Tent Event Application.
Dig Safe Permit (pdf format)
2. The 'End User' should fill this form out completely and return it to the FM office AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO THE EVENT.
Mail to: Facilities Management Attn. Tents or,
Fax to: Facilities Management x2070
3. This process should generate the necessary administrative action for a building permit. Also, it will initiate the Dig Safe process, resulting Dig Safe Number, and the appropriate marking of the tent site in anticipation of the installation of the tent.  The third component of the regulatory process, the fire inspection, will occur shortly after the tent is in place and before it can be occupied.
4. Any approvals received in writing, such as the Dig Safe approval, should be kept with the 'End User' and should be readily available for the duration of the event.

Dig Safe Rules

Commercial grade tents are typically fastened to the ground with long (36") stakes. These stakes pose a threat to the College underground utility systems. A chance collision between a tent stake and one of our systems can pose a threat to the installer  and the tent users.Tents that utilize these stakes are subject to the Massachusetts “Dig Safe” laws, and require a Dig Safe inspection and assigned number prior to being erected. This permit process insures that nearby underground utilities will be properly marked so as to avoid damaged systems or harm to individuals. Facilities Management has determined that any stake 8 inches or greater in length poses a hazard to our utility systems, and this will represent our point of applicability.

  • Any tent secured with stakes 8" or longer must be Dig Safed before erected.
  • Application must be made using the FM form at least 2 weeks prior to the event.
  • No tent shall be erected before the application has been approved. This requires an inspection by FM and any outside utilities (i.e. Columbia  Gas, South Hadley Electric) affected.
  • The approved application must be available from the sponsoring Person/Dept until the tent is removed.

Facilities Management thanks you for your cooperation, and encourages you to contact us at x2012 if you have any questions.