Faculty Profiles

Mount Holyoke's faculty members are innovative teachers dedicated to their students, and also active scholars, research scientists, and creative artists passionate about their disciplines.


Amy Hitchcock Camp, Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
Iris Carpio, Head Volleyball Coach; Lecturer in Physical Education and Athletics
Bryce Casavant, Visiting Lecturer in Economics
Esther Castro Cuenca, On Leave Fall 2017, Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Spanish Language Program Director
Wei Chen, Marilyn Dawson Sarles, M.D. Professor of Life Sciences and Professor of Chemistry
Calvin Chen, Associate Professor of Politics
Richard Chu, Five College Associate Professor of History
Timothy Chumley, Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Thomas Ciufo, Assistant Professor of Music
Cheryl Cobb, Lecturer in Music
James Coleman, Professor of Dance and Chair of the Five College Dance Department
Kenneth Colodner, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience and Behavior
Shannon Compton, Visiting Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Faith Conant, Director of Five College West African Music Ensemble; Visiting Instructor in Music
Louis Conover, Visiting Instructor in Computer Science
Catherine Corson, Miller Worley Associate Professor of Environmental Studies; Leslie and Sarah Miller Director of the Miller Worley Center for the Environment
W. Donald Cotter, Chair of Chemistry; Associate Professor of Chemistry, Co-Chair of Conceptual Foundations of Science
Stephanie Council, Director of Choral Ensembles and Visiting Lecturer in Music
Joanne V. Creighton, Five College Fortieth Professor of English; President Emeritus of the College
Justin Crumbaugh, On Leave Fall 2017, Associate Professor of Spanish, Latina/o and Latin American Studies
Flávia Cunha, Language Instructor in Spanish
Daniel Czitrom, Professor of History