Faculty Profiles

Mount Holyoke's faculty members are innovative teachers dedicated to their students, and also active scholars, research scientists, and creative artists passionate about their disciplines.


Satyananda J. Gabriel, Professor of Economics
Samba Gadjigo, Chair of French; Professor of French
Elena García Frazier, Language Instructor in Spanish
Elissa Gelfand, Dorothy Rooke McCulloch Professor of French
Janice A. Gifford, Professor of Statistics
Ted Gilliland, Assistant Professor of Economics
Gary Gillis, Associate Dean of Faculty, Professor of Biological Sciences, and Director of the Science Center
Leah Glasser, Senior Lecturer in English, on leave fall 2017 through spring 2018
Maria Alexandra Gomez, Elizabeth Page Greenawalt Professor of Chemistry
Nora Gortcheva, Visiting Lecturer in German Studies
Nathan Gray, Visiting Instructor in Mathematics
Adrianne Greenbaum, Professor of Music
Amy W. Grillo, Visiting Lecturer in Psychology & Education
Lowell Gudmundson, Professor of Latin American Studies and History
Christian Gundermann, Chair of Gender Studies; Associate Professor of Gender Studies