Faculty Profiles

Mount Holyoke's faculty members are innovative teachers dedicated to their students, and also active scholars, research scientists, and creative artists passionate about their disciplines.


Amanda Maciuba, Guest Artist in Art
Matisse Madden, Visiting Artist in Dance
Jessica Maier, Associate Professor of Art History
Timothy Malacarne, Visiting Assistant Professor of Data Science
Patricia Mangan, Visiting Lecturer in Anthropology
Eugenio Marcano, Instructor in Geology and Geography; GeoProcessing Lab Manager, and GIS Specialist
Michelle J. Markley, Associate Professor of Geology
Elizabeth K. Markovits, Associate Professor of Politics; Director of First-Year Seminars; Director of the Teaching and Learning Initiative
Amy E. Martin, Director of the Harriet L. and Paul M. Weissman Center for Leadership; Professor of English on the Emma B. Kennedy Foundation; Faculty Director for SAW
Kate Martineau, Visiting Lecturer in Art History
Suk Massey, Five College Lecturer in Korean, Smith College
Shawn Massoni, Visiting Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Jennifer M. Matos, Visiting Lecturer in Psychology and Education
Mark McMenamin, Professor of Geology
Kathryn A. McMenimen, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Bernadine Mellis, Five College Senior Lecturer in Film and Video Production
Eitan Mendelowitz, Visiting Assistant Professor of Data Science
Nickie Michaud Wild, Visiting Lecturer in Sociology & Anthropology
Thomas Millette, Chair of Geology and Geography; Professor of Geography; Director, GeoProcessing Laboratory
Christopher Mitchell, Assistant Professor of International Relations and Politics
Samuel Mitchell, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Richard D. Moran, Professor of Sociology
Lynn M. Morgan, Chair of Sociology & Anthropology; Mary E. Woolley Professor of Anthropology
Lynda Morgan, Professor of History
Dorothy E. Mosby, Associate Dean of Faculty, Professor of Spanish
Susanne Mrozik, Professor of Religion
Adeline Mueller, Assistant Professor of Music