Faculty Profiles

Mount Holyoke's faculty members are innovative teachers dedicated to their students, and also active scholars, research scientists, and creative artists passionate about their disciplines.


Luis Sal├ęs, Visiting Instructor in Religion
David W. Sanford, Chair of Music; Elizabeth T. Kennan Professor of Music
Aldo Santiago, Head Tennis Coach; Senior Lecturer in Physical Education and Athletics
Lauret Savoy, David B. Truman Professor of Environmental Studies
Larry Schipull, Professor of Music
Steven Schmeiser, Associate Professor of Economics
Katherine Schmeiser, Associate Professor of Economics
Jared Schwartzer, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education
Peter J. Scotto, Professor of Russian
Mark C. Shea, Coordinator of ESOL; Senior Lecturer in English
Daniel Sheldon, Five College Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Thomas Shelly, Visiting Lecturer in Mathematics
Dylan Shepardson, Associate Professor of Mathematics
Carolyn Shread, Lecturer in French
Jessica Sidman, Professor of Mathematics on the John Stewart Kennedy Foundation
Gina Siepel, Lecturer in Studio Art Foundations
Kate Singer, Associate Professor of English
Ajay J. Sinha, Chair of Art History; Professor of Art History
Laura Sizer, Visiting Associate Professor of Philosophy
Janet Slocum, Lab Instructor & Visiting Lecturer in Computer Science
Preston H. Smith II, Chair of Africana Studies; Professor of Politics
Spencer Smith, Assistant Professor of Physics
Audrey St. John, Associate Professor of Computer Science
Paul Staiti, Professor of Fine Arts on the Alumnae Foundation
Amina Steinfels, Chair of Religion; Associate Professor of Religion
Geoffrey S. Sumi, Professor of Classics
Kevin Surprise, Visiting Lecturer in Environmental Studies
Sally Sutherland, Chair of Theatre Arts; Senior Lecturer in English
Morena Svaldi, Language Instructor in Italian; Director of the Language Assistant Program
Marilyn M. Sylla, Five College Lecturer in Dance
Sekou Sylla, Visiting Artist in Dance