Other Events in the Valley

While Mount Holyoke is offering a variety of events during Family & Friends Weekend, you needn't feel constrained to stay on campus if you'd like to explore the area during your visit. The Pioneer Valley, a three county area of Western Massachusetts along the Connecticut River, sometimes known to five college folks as "The Happy Valley", is rich with cultural offerings of fine arts, film houses, music venues, and literary happenings. The listings below offer a sampling of venues who will be having their own events during the weekend.

Academy of Music (Northampton)

Amherst Cinema & Pleasant Street Theater (Amherst and Northampton)

Flywheel (Easthampton Arts Space)

Iron Horse Music Entertaintment Venues (Northampton)

MassLive.com (Local Daily Newspaper listing)

Odyssey Bookstore Events (South Hadley)

UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center

Springfield Downtown

Valley Advocate (Weekly Arts Paper)