Deadlines and Class Year Eligibility

Awards marked with an asterisk are "direct apply" awards and those without are "campus process" awards.

Time of Year for Initial Submission of Fellowship Application Materials
Summer Fall January Spring
Fulbright US Student Grant Carnegie Junior Fellows Beinecke Scholarship Fulbright Summer in UK*
Marshall Scholarship Churchill Scholarship Boren (NSEP) Scholarship Thomas Pickering Fellowships*
Mitchell Scholarship Critical Language Scholarship* Davis Projects for Peace  
Rhodes Scholarship Cooke (JK) Scholarship Rangel Graduate Fellowship*  
  DAAD (German Exchange) Udall Scholarship  
  Goldwater Scholarship    
  Luce Scholarship    
  St. Andrews Society of NY    
  Truman Scholarship    


Class Years During Which Students May Apply
Fellowship/Scholarship/Award 1st Yr Soph Junior Senior Alumnae
Beinecke Scholarship     X    
Boren (NSEP) Scholarship X X X    
Carnegie Institute Junior Fellows Award       X X
Churchill Scholarship       X X
Critical Language Scholarship* X (2nd sem) X X X  
Cooke (Jack Kent) Graduate Arts Award       X X
DAAD (German Academic Exchange)       X X
Davis Projects for Peace X X X X  
Fulbright US Student Grant       X X
Fulbright Summer in the UK Institute X X      
Gates-Cambridge Scholarship*       X X
Goldwater Scholarship   X X    
Luce Scholarship       X X
Marshall Scholarship       X X
Mitchell Scholarship       X X
Pickering (Thomas) Fellowships     X X  
Rangel Graduate Fellowship       X X
Rhodes Scholarship       X X
St. Andrews Scholarship       X  
Truman Scholarship     X    
Udall Scholarship   X X    
UNCF-Merck Scholarship     X