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Major Fellowships Advising Appointment Request Form

Before completing this form, please read the overview about fellowships, then read about the individual fellowships.  Then, once you've completed and submitted the form, you'll hear back from our office within a few working days with a proposed meeting date/time.

If you have any questions about this form, please email Marianne Taylor or call: 413-538-3397. Thank you.

Demographic and Contact Information

Academic Details

Please list names of institutions, countries and semester/year of any other institutions you attended as an undergraduate, such as community college, study abroad, etc.
If you are currently studying abroad, please state where and for how long.

Fellowships of Interest

Please check the names of the fellowships you wish to discuss during your appointment (check as many that interest you for this year or the next two years).

Preview of your Activities and Interests

Describe what you have done so far to learn about the fellowships that interest you (for example - attended an information session; read about it on the foundation website; discussed it with a faculty member; heard about it from a friend who applied, etc.)
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Goals for this Appointment


Please enter the times during each day when you are most likely to be available. Think in terms of a work day of 9:00am to 5:00pm. For example, if you choose Monday, you may enter the times you are available on that day such as 10am to11am and 3:30pm to 5:00pm. Give as many options as possible, but please be aware that at certain busy times of the year, your appointment may have to be scheduled two to three weeks or more from the time of your request. We will always make every effort to accommodate you the best we can.

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