This is a photograph of Sarah Paust standing at a podium with a microphone in the foreground.
Sarah Paust will use her Fulbright fellowship to study how the novel coronavirus has impacted Indigenous populations in Canada.
This is a photo of Yahzik dancing with her homestay family
Donari Yahzid ’19 was awarded a Fulbright grant to study the effects of development on traditional culture in Samoa.
Image of Fulbright top producer badge
Mount Holyoke College was named one of the top producers of Fulbright students among undergraduate institutions.
A group of young mothers gather inside the community center in Managua, Nicaragua
Davis Projects for Peace winner Rosalyn Leban ’18 had plans to serve a community in Nicaragua. Civil unrest changed her project but not her commitment.
Image of Celine Mudahakana ’17
Mount Holyoke student Celine Mudahakana has been awarded a Davis Projects for Peace prize to help impoverished women in her native Rwanda.
Fulbright logo
Each Mount Holyoke student who applied for a Fulbright teaching scholarship was selected as a finalist.
Fulbright Program logo
Grants from the Fulbright Program will support MHC winners’ graduate study and independent research, and send two to teach English in Europe and Asia.
This is the Fulbright logo.
Mount Holyoke College students swept up seven Fulbrights this year, along with two Davis Projects for Peace grants and two critical language study awards.
Winners of Critical Language Scholarships
The scholarships will fund summer study abroad in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, and Turkish for students chosen in a competitive selection process.
Fulbright Program logo
Five Mount Holyoke students and alumnae were offered Fulbright grants to support their work and research around the world.
This is a photograph of Iqbal with youth volunteers from her project in Hamtramck, Michigan, "Be a Good Neighbor."
Uswa Iqbal ’18 took on a project to foster civic pride and neighborly unity in Hamtramck, Michigan, a city torn by urban stresses and cultural differences.