On-Campus Fellowship Resources

In addition to the fellowship resources at Dwight 217, the following fellowship resources are available elsewhere on-campus:

Academic Departments

Academic departments are often good places to make connections to universities or programs abroad, develop ideas for study with the help of knowledgeable faculty, and review the feasibility of projects. Several departments offer research opportunities during the summer and/or academic year that provide valuable preparation for future independent study or research. Additionally, some departments give their own awards.

Advisors and Other Faculty

Advisors can be wonderful resources for students entering into award application processes. Not only can advisors counsel students on particular programs of interest for study or travel, they can help develop project proposals, personal statements, and more. Faculty may have suggestions for contacts in their field.

Additionally, and maybe more importantly, advisors and other faculty members with whom you have a strong relationship can write recommendations that tell award selection committees who you are and why you deserve to win. The National Fellowships and Graduate School Advisor can provide tips for how to ask faculty for successful letters of recommendation.

News and Events Notices Page

Read Notices and Award Winners for announcements about Mount Holyoke's award winners.