Fellowships Self-Search

Beyond the roughly 22 major fellowships promoted and supported by the MHC Office of Fellowships, there are hundreds of other funding opportunities available for further study, travel, and projects. Students can search for these fellowships, most of which do not require a campus advisor or process, on their own. While the fellowships advisor will be glad to discuss with students any opportunities they discover, she will not be able to provide information beyond what is found on the sources’ websites.

A great resource for researching fellowships is

ProFellow - Find academic and professional fellowships

This new database lists hundreds of fellowships, representing thousands of awards worth more than $1 billion in annual funding, and they are adding more all the time. Every fellowship in this database is a competitive, paid, short-term opportunity to do something exceptional. Students who sign up for ProFellow can also opt to receive a newsletter, check out a blog where fellowships winners share insights, and participate in online seminars. Note that ProFellow lists both direct apply awards and many that have a campus process. They alert you when you need to consult your campus fellowships advisor to apply for an award.

The MHC Fellowships Office also maintains a regularly updated pdf listing of Direct Apply opportunities that come to our attention. The awards are presented in order of application deadline month. Field of Study, Type of Study (G = Graduate; U = Undergraduate), Fellowship Title, and the web address are also listed.  

International Students - Many scholarships and fellowships require US citizenship or residency. InternationalScholarships.com lists hundreds of awards specifically for International Students. 

For a list of graduate scholarships and fellowships that do not require proof of U.S. citizenship or legal permanent residence, you can find a carefully researched list and guide that contains 55 pages of up-to-date information about scholarships available to immigrant students attending graduate and professional schools in California and across the nation.