St. Andrews Society of the State of New York Scholarship

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History and Purpose

On November 19, 1756, a small group of native-born Scots and Scottish Americans met in lower Manhattan to form what is now the oldest established charitable organization in the Empire State — Saint Andrew’s Society of the State of New York. The Society has grown considerably over the last two and one half centuries from those few Colonial gentlemen to over 500 men of Scottish blood, residing in all regions of the tri-state area and beyond. For over 250 years, St. Andrew’s Society of the State of New York’s purpose is: “to provide relief to natives of Scotland and their descendants who may be in want or distress, to provide educational assistance to natives of Scotland and their descendants, to conduct and sponsor such other and further activities . . . to foster or encourage good will, understanding and communication between the people of the United States and the people of Scotland and to promote such social intercourse among the members of the Society as may be necessary and appropriate to, and consistent with, such purposes, including fund raising to sustain them.”

Description of the St. Andrew’s Scholarship

Since 1956, the St. Andrew's Society of the State of New York has provided over 150 scholarships to promote cultural interchange and goodwill between Scotland and the United States. In recognition of the benefits of higher education, the Society provides significant funding for two Scottish graduate students annually to study in the United States and two Scottish-American students to study at the graduate level in Scotland.  Each scholarship currently provides $20,000 to $30,000 to be used initially against tuition, then board, transportation and other expenses. (Applicants may be awarded either the St. Andrew’s Award which is for $20,000.00, or the Macmillan Scholarship, which provides $30,000.00.)

Eligibility requirements and Rules for Nomination



Applicants must have/be:

  • senior undergraduate students who will have obtained a Bachelor’s degree by the spring
  • US citizens with some Scottish descent (must provide proof of citizenship and evidence of descent)
  • demonstrated financial need attested to by a College official (Student Financial Services)
  • able to demonstrate through essays and interview the significance of studying in Scotland, and provide clarify of career purpose in pursuing graduate study
  • a strong academic record, preferably with some distinguishing work done in major field of study
  • A demonstrated commitment to extracurricular activities
  • Finalists must furnish proof of having applied to their selected school in Scotland
  • Mount Holyoke College may nominate only one candidate to the St. Andrew’s Society

How to apply

Applications are not available on the St. Andrew’s website. Printed applications are sent to MHC Fellowships Advisor Christine Overstreet in August. Students who wish to apply should contact Christine Overstreet to procure an application, and work with her on preparing it for submission to the Committee on Fellowships. The Committee, made up of four faculty members and chaired by the Dean of Studies, reviews applications, interviews each candidate, and decides which candidate will be the Mount Holyoke College nominee. The nominee will then revise her application materials as suggested by the Committee, and submit them to Christine who will then send them to St. Andrew’s along with a College endorsement letter. Fellowships Senior Administrative Assistant Marianne Taylor collects application materials, maintains records, schedules appointments, and co-facilitates the application process.

Application components

  • A printed application form where candidate enters biographical data; 1st and 2nd choice graduate programs; description of Scottish heritage; education history; employment; description of plan to pay (beyond the scholarship) for graduate study; other scholarships or aid; academic honors and awards; list of extracurricular activities showing leadership or excellence in performance; civil or criminal record (if any); names of parents/guardians; signature.
  • A resume or CV
  • Official transcripts from all undergraduate study
  • A two-part Study Proposal outlining (1) why candidate wishes to continue her education beyond the current year, and (2) why she wishes to study in Scotland and how this study will contribute to her overall goals. Answers to each question should not exceed 200 words.
  • Two faculty recommendations (should be able to attest to your ability to perform well in graduate school and to the suitability of your chosen program of graduate study
  • Certification of financial need (a signed letter on letterhead from Student Financial Services)
  • Evidence of Scottish descent (birth certificates; copy of page from family bible; ship’s records; diary)
  • Proof of US citizenship (passport or birth certificate)

Campus Process and Checklist

For all deadlines, submission time is 12:00 noon

Timeframe Task(s) to Complete
Spring prior to application attend UK information session with Fellowships Advisor
Summer/early Fall investigate graduate programs in Scotland
  discuss options with faculty in your field
  meet with Fellowships Advisor to discuss candidacy
Late October send essays to FA for feedback (allow 3-4 days)
By November 4 completed application and essays, resume, transcripts, and all accompanying materials due to FA
By November 4 recommendation letters due to FA (may be electronic word docs at this stage)
November 11-15 interview with Committee on Fellowships
December 2 Nominee delivers hard copy of revised application materials to Fellowships office
  Recommendations on letterhead, signed, due to FA
February/March St. Andrew’s Society invites six finalists to a luncheon in NYC; following this meeting, two finalists are awarded a scholarship