Study Abroad

D.A.A.D. Graduate Study Scholarships (German Academic Exchange Service) are open to U.S. or Canadian citizens, U.S. permanent residents, and graduating seniors only, for a year of study in any discipline at a German university. Students must have proficiency in German appropriate for their plan of study. All candidates ordinarily should have completed at least two years of German at the time of application (though students in the sciences may be considered with little or no previous background in German provided they are willing to learn the language). MHC NOMINATION IS REQUIRED. MHC Deadline: fall.

Doris Russell Graduate Scholarship in English is open to candidates seeking admission to Cambridge University who are graduates of Mount Holyoke College (and other designated colleges and universities). The scholarship is named in memory of Professor Doris Russell, former chairman of the English Department at Vassar, and is awarded on intellectual distinction to students proposing to read ENGLISH at Cambridge University either as affiliated students or research students. In seeking admission to the University, candidates should apply to Girton College as the college of their first choice. Candidates wishing to be registered as research students must apply to the University for registration as research students by applying online via: University of Cambridge. There is no special application form, but applicants wishing to apply will be asked to submit a term paper or papers which they have written as part of their regular assignments or any other evidence they would like to submit in furtherance of their application. Those wishing to apply should notify the Head of Tutorial & Admissions Office, Girton College, Cambridge, CB30JG, England, by early fall, enclosing their written work in support of their application. This scholarship is offered every second year. Deadline: fall.

Fulbright Awards are open to U.S. citizens for a year of study or research abroad; available in many countries. Preferences for discipline vary by country; awards range from travel grants to full grants. Opportunities are also available to teach English, usually in secondary schools, in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Korea, Luxembourg, Taiwan and others. There is no limit on the number of candidates Mount Holyoke may endorse. Alumnae may apply at-large or through Mount Holyoke. MHC NOMINATION IS REQUIRED. MHC Deadline: fall.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships are open to applicants from every country of the world except the United Kingdom, normally under 30 years of age, for graduate study or a second Bachelor's Degree as an Affiliated Student at the University of Cambridge. Must apply for admission to Cambridge at the same time as applying for scholarship. Qualities sought include intellectual curiosity, willingness to independently engage in sustained intellectual endeavors, and take risks, and a history of successfully taking advantage of opportunities. Mount Holyoke endorsement in not required, but candidates for this very competitive award are encouraged to seek assistance from the National Fellowships and Graduate School Advisor. MHC NOMINATION IS NOT REQUIRED BUT ASSISTANCE FROM THE NATIONAL FELLOWSHIPS AND GRADUATE SCHOOL ADVISOR IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDEDDeadline: fall.

Marshall Scholarships are open to U.S. citizens with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.7, for one or two years of study at any British university. Marshall Scholars may study for a first (undergraduate) or higher (graduate) degree in any discipline. MHC NOMINATION IS REQUIRED. MHC Deadline: fall.

Mitchell Scholarships are open to U.S. citizens between 18 and 30 for one year of post-graduate study in either Ireland or Northern Ireland. Qualities sought include a demonstrated record of intellectual distinction, leadership and extra-curricular activity, as well as the personal characteristics of honesty, integrity, fairness and unselfish service to others. There are no restrictions as to academic field of study. MHC NOMINATION IS REQUIRED. MHC Deadline: fall.

Rhodes Scholarship is open to U.S. citizens between 18 and 24 for two or three years of study at Oxford University. (Citizens of other eligible countries must apply in their home countries even though they are studying in the U.S. Deadlines may be as early as June; see Rhodes web site for details.) Qualities sought include high intellectual and academic achievement, leadership, integrity of character, and the energy to use one’s talents to the full (as demonstrated by participation and success in sports). There is no limit on the number of candidates Mount Holyoke may endorse. MHC NOMINATION IS REQUIRED. MHC Deadline: fall.

St. Andrew’s Society of the State of New York Scholarships is open to U.S. citizens who are graduating seniors of some Scottish descent, living or studying within a 500-mile radius of New York City (MHC qualifies), for a year of graduate study in Scotland. Applicants must currently be receiving grant aid and possess qualifications which will enable them to be good ambassadors for the United States while in Scotland. Applications available from the National Fellowships and Graduate School Advisor in Dwight Hall.  MHC may nominate one student. MHC NOMINATION REQUIRED. MHC Deadline: fall.

Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship is a scholarship for one year of graduate study at Churchill College, Cambridge University in the field of engineering, mathematics or science. Applicants must be U.S. citizens between the ages of 19 and 26 years. A 3.7 GPA is recommended along with GRE. MHC may nominate two candidates for this award. MHC NOMINATION IS REQUIRED. MHC Deadline: fall.