Why Apply?

Winning a competitive fellowship is a life-altering experience. The question is how it will change your life for the better. The answer depends on your particular educational and personal goals, and which fellowships you pursue. 

But whether a fellowship funds a research project abroad or graduate studies in the United States, the benefits recipients enjoy are clear. Here are five reasons to consider applying for a fellowship, beyond financial:

  • Open doors: Build a valuable network of mentors and peers who can support you — potentially across a lifetime.
  • Pursue life goals: Progress toward your educational and career goals.
  • Expand your mind: Whether through an independent research project or a graduate program abroad, fellowships offer rich intellectual challenges that can change how you think forever.
  • Grow leadership skills: Hone your critical thinking and collaboration skills while studying with people from diverse backgrounds. Understand urgent global challenges and emerging solutions.
  • Become a citizen of the world: Learn firsthand how the world is interconnected. Live abroad and develop foreign language skills.

If this piques your interest — and you’re a self-starter with a record of high academic achievement — you should seriously consider applying for a fellowship. 

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