MHC Award Winners

Congratulations to the following Mount Holyoke students and recent alumnae who won prestigious national and international awards for further study.

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  • Kali Muhly-Alexander ’20
  • Izabella Czejdo ’20

Davis Projects for Peace

  • Esha Sridhar ’22


  • Daphne Schneewind ’20 - ETA to Germany
  • Sarah Paust ’20 - Graduate Award to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada for Culture, Disease and Health
  • Lexi Lobdell ’20 - Graduate Award to Finland for Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology
  • Caroline Stotz ’20 - Fulbright Combined to Austria for "Exile and Exchange: Psychoanalysis Between Vienna and Boston, 1909-1945"
  • Kay Klo ’20 - ETA to Thailand
  • Ruth Sangree ’18 - Independent Research to South Korea for "South Korean Feminist Activism and the 'Comfort Women' Redress Movement."
  • Avery Allen ’20 - ETA to Colombia
  • Eloise Arnot ’20 - ETA to Czech Republic
  • Sophia Cunningham ’20 - (Alternate) ETA to Bulgaria


  • Gillian Hagen ’20


Davis Projects for Peace

  • Neorgia Grant ’20


  • Sara Rottger ’19 - ETA to Germany
  • Jaemarie Solyst ’19 - Independent Research to Germany
  • Beth Wagoner ’19 - ETA to South Korea
  • Caledonia Wilson ’19 - Graduate Study to Hungary
  • Donari Yahzid ’19 - Independent Research to Samoa
  • Michelle Carolina Rodriguez ’19 - ETA to Italy


  • Pa Chia Thao ’17

St. Andrew’s Society of New York Scholarship

  • Emilyann Nault ’19


Critical Language Scholarship

  • Sedem Akposoe ’18
  • Romila Hussaini ’19
  • Davis Projects for Peace
  • Elizabeth Ansah ’18
  • Rosalyn Leban ’18


  • Michelle Bernardino ’15 - Independent Research to Honduras
  • Uswa Iqbal ’18 - ETA to Taiwan
  • Spurthi Jonnalagadda ’18 - ETA to Macau
  • Rosalyn Leban ’18 - Independent Research to Nicaragua
  • Katja McBane ’18 - ETA to Czech Republic
  • Amelia Neumayer ’16 - Independent Research to Spain
  • Ashling Quinn ’18 - ETA to Andorra









Davis 100 Projects for Peace Award

  • Khushbu Mishra ’11 was awarded $10,000 for her project entitled "Painting a Peaceful Present". Mishra’s goals for “Painting a Peaceful Present” are multifold. As an economics and math major, she is familiar with research demonstrating that women who earn money share power more equally with men, and that women tend to contribute more of their earnings to improve the lives of their families than men do. By training the women to produce their art on paper and connecting them with businesses and organizations who will help them market their art, Mishra hopes “to give them economic power that will strengthen their social position and raise their families’ standard of living.”

Fulbright Research Grants

  • Abby R. Goldman ’10, physics major, was awarded a Fulbright Research Grant and she will be traveling to Israel to study novel hybrid inorganic-organic materials with photovoltaic applications in the laboratory of Dr. Gitti Frey at the Technion in Haifa. The experimental work involved includes inorganic chemistry, characterization (Xray, electron microscopy, etc.) and device fabrication and characterization.
  • Vidya R. Raghavan ’09, biological sciences major, was awarded a Fulbright Research Grant to conduct research at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, focusing on the role of lymphatic vessels in tumor metastasis.
  • Nida Sanglimsuwan ’10, Asian studies major, was awarded an English Teaching Assistantship to South Korea to teach English as a second language to children.
  • Kaitlyn K.Szydlowski ’09, international relations major, was awarded a Fulbright Research Grant to China where she will investigate the role of family and community networks in the lives of children with disabilities residing in rural areas.

National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship for Study Abroad

  • Liana M. Simonds ’12 was awarded the NSEP Boren Scholarship to continue a year of intensive Arabic study in the Middle East.


Fulbright Research Grants

  • Addison D. Kemp ’09, biology major, will be traveling to Finland to work with Jukka Jernvall, a professor of developmental and evolutionary biology at the University of Helsinki, studying evolutionary development in teeth.
  • Caitlin M. Lupton ’09, an environmental science major with a minor in anthropology, is planning to study ecotourism in the Colombian national park system.  She will be doing research in conjunction with the University of Javierana.
  • Kathryne B. Schwartz ’09, a biology major with a minor in studio art will be researching celiac disease, an autoimmune condition that is characterized by gluten hypersensitivity at the Institute of Food Science in Avellino, Italy.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • Katie Greenberg ’09 was awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to pursue a master of philosophy degree in physics at the University of Cambridge next year. Greenberg is one of 37 American students to receive the award, out of an applicant pool of 752. Greenberg, a physics major, is completing a senior thesis studying vertical cavity surface- emitting lasers in the lab of Janice Hudgings, associate professor and chair of physics. In 2007 she won a Goldwater Scholarship to support her undergraduate research. She was also awarded a Churchill Fellowship and was a finalist for a Fulbright Grant this year, but declined them in order to accept the Gates.

Jacob K. Javits Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Stephanie Maher, a Frances Perkins Student, Class of 2008 received this Fellowship to continue her research as a sociocultural anthropology student at the University of Washington. The Jacob K Javits Graduate Research Fellowship Scholarship provides fellowships to students of superior academic ability—selected on the basis of demonstrated achievement, financial need, and exceptional promise—to undertake study at the doctoral and Master of Fine Arts level in selected fields of arts, humanities, and social sciences. For fiscal year 2008, the maximum stipend will be $30,000.


Harry S. Truman Scholarship

  • Moriah H. Silver ’09, a gender studies and psychology major, applied for the Truman Scholarship from abroad. She will receive a merit-based $30,000 graduate study scholarship to pursue her studies. The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation awards merit-based $30,000 scholarships to college students who plan to pursue careers in government, the non-profit sector, or elsewhere in public service, and wish to attend graduate or professional school to help prepare for their careers. Truman Scholars participate in leadership development programs and have special opportunities for internships and employment with the federal government.

Datatel Scholarship

  • Dong Zhang ’09 won a $2400 merit-based scholarship.

Davis 100 Projects for Peace Award

  • Emily Usher Shrair ’08 was a recipient of the Davis 100 Projects for Peace Award of $10,000. Emily’s project entitled, “Computers and Childcare: Training Mothers for a Peaceful Future” focuses on establishing a computer/learning resource center, computer skills training program and childcare center for a home for single mothers and women in situations of homelessness and domestic violence in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Davis Projects for Peace invites undergraduates at the American colleges and universities in the Davis United World College Scholars Program (including Mount Holyoke College) to design grassroots projects that they will implement during the summer of 2008.

Fulbright Grants

  • Claire N. Bendersky ’07, geology and astronomy major was awarded a Fulbright Grant to conduct research at the Natural History Museum in Paris, France.
  • Julia Workman ’08, English and German studies major was awarded an English Teaching Assistantship to Germany to serve as an English teacher assistant in a secondary school.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

  • In 2008, Lindsay Chura ’06 was named a Gates Cambridge Scholar and she will be pursuing biomedical research at the University of Cambridge in the UK. She was a recent Fulbright Scholar in Australia, performing research in reproductive medicine. At Cambridge she plans to conduct research of neurodevelopmental conditions such as autism, thus serving as a foundation for her future career in clinical research and health policy.

Freeman-Asia Awards
These individuals received this award for study in East Asia:

  • Elaine Cheung ’09
  • Shelly Hsiao ’10
  • Wilmina Landford ’08
  • Ahri Lee ’10
  • Siedah Lee ’10
  • Brooke Nichols ’09
  • Rona Yee ’09

In addition to these award recipients and honorable mentions, there were several alternates for Fulbright Grants and applicants for the Beinecke Memorial Scholarship Program; Carnegie Endowment Junior Fellows; DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program); Goldwater; Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship Program; Luce; Marshall; Mitchell; NSEP David L. Boren, Rhodes; and Udall scholarship programs.


Goldwater Scholarships

  • Angela DiCiccio ’08, majoring in biochemistry, and Kathryn Greenberg ’09, majoring in physics, were two of the 317 college sophomores and juniors nationwide to receive this prestigious award. Angela plans to pursue postgraduate education for an M.D./Ph.D. and hopes to teach and research in the area of biocompatible tissue development. Kathyrn plans to pursue a Ph.D. in physics or applied physics, and hopes to work as an experimental researcher. See Goldwater Awards for Two MHC Students.

Fulbright Grants
In 2007, NINE grants were awarded for study in:

  • Argentina: Jasmine Tillu ’05
  • Australia: Emily H. Morgan ’06
  • Bangladesh: Kasey M. Kozara ’04
  • Canada: Caitlin C. Smith ’07
  • China: Monica L. Liau ’07
  • Germany: Puja Deverakonda ’07
  • Nepal: Beth A. Robertson ’05
  • South Korea: Amelia J. Harris ’07
  • Taiwan: Casey A. Welch ’07

Datatel Scholarship

  • Yunnan Jiang ’09 won a $2400 merit-based scholarship.


Goldwater Scholarships

  • Josephine Giles ’07, majoring in biology, and Caitlin Scott ’07, majoring in chemistry, were awarded Goldwater scholarships. Josephine plans to study immunology at the doctoral level and Caitlin plans to do graduate work in computational chemistry. See Two MHC Students Earn Goldwater Scholarships.

Fulbright Grants
In 2006, FIVE grants were awarded for study in:

  • Australia: Lindsay Chura ’06
  • South Korea: Melissa Yasinow ’06
  • Canada: Katherine Flachs ’06
  • Germany: Edana Kleinhans ’03
  • Finland: Viviane Callier ’06

Viviane Callier declined the award to accept the Churchill Scholarship; thus making four grants awarded and accepted. See MHC Student named Fulbright Fellow and Mount Holyoke Garners Three More Fulbrights.

Winston Churchill Foundation Scholarship

  • In 2006, Viviane Callier ’06, biology major, was Mount Holyoke’s first-ever recipient of this very prestigious and competitive award (only ten awarded this year). She will study at Cambridge University’s Churchill College in England next year and return to the U.S. the following year for graduate study in biology. See MHC Student Wins Churchill Fellowship.

Datatel Scholarship

  • Stefanie Argus ’09 won a $2400 merit-based scholarship.

Congress-Bundestag Grant

  • Molly G. Taylor ’05 won this grant for a year’s study and internship in Germany.