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Maker Stories

This is a photograph of students Erin Mullin '17 and Yihan Gao '19 tempering chocolate in the lab.
Valentine-themed Makerspace workshop marries physics and chocolate-making for a bit of educational fun.
Tracy Keya and Janet Slocum in Mount Holyoke makerspace
From clothes that light up to vacuum-formed chocolate molds, the Mount Holyoke College Makerspace offers tools and training to create and collaborate.
A large open room with huge picture windows that open on a lake contains two step ladders and other construction materials.
The new Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab is now open for your projects, inspirations, creativity and persistence.
Mount Holyoke College Makerspace
The Makerspace prepares future leaders by combining technology and the liberal arts to teach and engage students studying every academic discipline.
The College’s Makerspace is a central location for the campus maker culture.
Thanks a generous grant, MHC’s new MEDIAL Project is integrating arts and technology and giving students resources to create, exhibit and perform.
Nancie Fimel ’68
Nancie Fimbel ’68 has helped create a space where today’s students can expand the limits of their education with tools and technology.
Yvaine Neyhard FP’20
Yvaine Neyhard FP’20 and the topography of Hamlet.
Photo of Misha Oraa Ali ’17
Misha Oraa Ali ’17 explores the art in neuroscience—and vice versa—through a self-designed project.
Photo of 3D printed dinosaur atop a laser cutter sign
Forward-looking technology takes on ancient species. Read a blog by Anna MacDonnell ’21.
Photo of laser-cut woodblocks made in the Makerspace
Interdisciplinary learning in the arts? Two 15th-century prints, two laser-cut woodblocks, a print press, two hands. Read a blog by Yiqi Chen ’21.
Photo of the Makerspace counter and shelves full of supplies
Using the Makerspace to introduce technology into 21st-century liberal arts.
MHC 2015 HackHolyoke was so inspiring to a Berkshire Community College engineering student that she decided to host her own hackathon.
Students in San Juan, Puerto Rico, releasing turtles
The pilot year of a STEM camp for girls, a joint offering from Mount Holyoke College and the city of San Juan, brings education and renewed hope.
Students discuss an art project during the "X-Section" opening.
Two distinct curricular worlds— art and robotics—collide in a cross-disciplinary project between studio art and computer science.
Mount Holyoke students Relyn Myrthil ’19, Jennifer Villa ’21 and Emilee Aguerrebere ’20 are working with high schoolers from the Springfield Renaissance School to learn about art and then make their own.
Original art can be used to explore many topics, local high schoolers learn through a program offered by the Mount Holyoke College Art Museum.
Stella Elwood, Robot Dog Maker
Reactive dog? Calm robot. Stella Elwood ’19 introduces Simon the Safer Socializing Bot (S3B), a product of the Makerspace.
Shani Mensing '15 and Safae Alaoui Lahgazi '17 soldering Neopixel LED strips.
Mount Holyoke College offers two summer STEM courses for girls and women, which were featured in the Huffington Post.
Photo of Stella Elwood ’19 wtth the goose splints she created in the Makerspace
Stella Elwood ’19 turns to the Makerspace to create an effective, affordable tool for use in veterinary medicine.
Photo of glowing costumes in the production Underwater Community
Students in the iDesign Studio class in Computer Science and the Costuming II class in the Theater Department teamed up to create this short production.
iDesign Studio class
Mount Holyoke’s IDesign Studio demystifies technology, sparks artistic creativity, fuels entrepreneurial spirit and encourages risk-taking across academia.
Design table in the Fimbel Lab
The Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab provides 8,000 square feet where students can implement, adapt and expand diverse concepts of creation.
Erin Mullin, flanked by Jessica Sidman (l) and Maker Space coordinator Shani Mensing '15 (r)
Erin Mullin ’17 adapted and customized code to create a 3-D-printed prosthetic hand that can be made for less than $50 and shared around the world.
Photo of Joud Mar’i ’19 and Jean Sammet ’48
Jean reminded me, and every student in our class, that we are smart and fully capable of bringing change to an unwelcoming tech world dominated by men.
Regina Ye
Computer science major Regina Ye ’18 launches a travel-cosmetics company. Read her blog.
Serin Houston, assistant professor in geography, Anya Nandkeolyar ’19 and Shebati Sengupta ’19
Shebati Sengupta ’19 discusses an art installation that grew out a creative project for the Global Movements: Migrations, Refugees, and Diasporas course.