Air Travel

Travelers should use the most economical coach air fares. In order to take advantage of airline discounts for advance purchase of tickets, arrangements should be made well in advance of expected travel. While many discounts are for 30 days advance purchase, there are discount fares available on 7 day advance purchase.

It is the College's general policy that first class or business class travel is not authorized for College employees traveling on College business. Any College employee, including the President, may use their personal "points", "coupons", or pay directly for upgrades to first or business class. The College will not reimburse for such upgrades. However, for individuals traveling to Asia Pacific, Africa or the Middle East on Admission, Advancement, or Alumnae Association business, they may be reimbursed for business class travel with the advance approval of a Senior Officer and the President (see Upgrade Request form).

The employee may retain frequent flier miles; however, an employee should always travel on the least expensive airline, not the airline with which they have a frequent flier account. If an employee uses frequent flier miles, personal credit vouchers, etc. to pay for business travel, they cannot be reimbursed for it.

In some circumstances, staying over an additional night will make the traveler eligible for a special air fare that will decrease the total cost of the trip. In this situation, the College will reimburse the traveler for costs such as hotels and meals that are associated with the additional night.

All charges for cancellations and refunds associated with College travel are primarily the responsibility of the traveler. If a special fee ticket must be changed for a compelling business reason, the College may assume responsibility for the penalty. Such a situation should be approved by the budget authority before the penalty is imposed and reimbursement will require the approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

Cost of air travel insurance is not a reimbursable expense. (Individuals who use the American Express Corporate card to purchase tickets on a common carrier are automatically protected with $200,000 travel accident insurance.)

Valet parking lots located along the airport access road offer lower daily rates, increased security and more convenience to the traveler than on-site airport parking lots. Discount coupons are available from travel agents.