Authorization Number

In order to simplify procedures for issuing cash advances and to aid Financial Services in tracking outstanding advances, a Travel Advance/Authorization Request form should be completed and submitted to Financial Services under the following circumstances:

  1. To request an advance for out-of-pocket travel expenses.
    (American Express cardholders may charge an advance up to a $200 limit to their corporate card.) Refer to the "Travel Advances" section below.
  2. To request a designated travel agency to bill the College directly for transportation charges. The traveler will provide the assigned authorization number to the agency when making reservations to indicate the approval for travel has been granted. (American Express cardholders should charge air fare to their corporate card.)

Only one Travel Advance/Authorization Request form should be completed for each trip. The form will be returned promptly to the traveler with an assigned Travel Authorization Number which should then be used in submitting the Travel Expense Report to clear the outstanding advances.

Travelers who do not require a cash advance or a direct payment by the College as described above are not required to use travel authorization numbers.