There are many ways in which members of the College community may wish to acknowledge the departure of a co-worker. In some cases there is also an institutional value in doing so, and in those cases, the use of College funds to support the event is appropriate. In general there are two kinds of events for which College funds are appropriately used.

The first is when the individual leaving has had a wide influence on the College and the farewell thus becomes a College event. Each division head is responsible for determining which farewell parties within the division fall into this category and for supporting them from his/her budget.

The second recognizes that there is also institutional value in providing opportunities for co-workers to say good-bye to colleagues whose contributions have been more localized. The objective is to provide this opportunity for as many co-workers as would wish to participate. The following guidelines apply to such events: the individual is leaving the College after a significant period of service (5 or more years generally); the gathering is generally available to interested co-workers (generally 20 or more attendees) and the amount of College funds used is reasonable ($150 or so). College funds may not be used toward a gift for the individual, regardless of whether there is a College funded farewell or not.

Because the institutional purpose is to provide opportunities for continuing College community members to say good-bye and not to recognize the individual leaving, private events--such as dinners with a few colleagues--are not eligible for College funding. Individuals are certainly entitled to have their preferences respected with regard to the form of farewells, but College support is not an entitlement and is available only when the farewell serves the institutional purpose.