Flowers and Recognition

Flowers and balloons purchased as decorations for College sponsored events are a reimbursable expense, as are flowers and other recognition items given to donors and potential donors by the Development office as part of the cultivation process.

Flowers may be sent at departmental expense if a current or retired
employee dies, but it is not feasible for the College to recognize the
death of every employee's relatives with flowers. Flowers, balloons and like items given to a co-worker or student worker for birthday, wedding, illness, bereavement or similar events are not reimbursable and should be financed by employee collections within a department or by the individual sending the flowers or balloons. If Human Resources is notified of an employee illness, or of a birth or death in an employee's family, they will send a card on behalf of the College.

Similarly, flowers or other items given to a co-worker for recognition or promotion are not reimbursable. College funds should not be used to celebrate various service performance days (e.g., Secretaries Day). The College recognizes its employees' contributions through such events as Winterfest, departmental picnics and Employee Service Awards.

Other forms of recognition or appreciation, such as massage therapy, yoga, etc. are not reimbursable expenses, regardless of whether they are provided in the office, at a retreat or in another location.