The request for reimbursement should be submitted to Financial Services promptly after return from a trip and should be signed by the traveler and approved by the appropriate budget authority. In signing this form, the traveler certifies that the expenses for which reimbursement is requested have been incurred for the purposes indicated and that the traveler has adhered to all relevant requirements as outlined in this policy statement.

Expense forms that are not properly approved or that do not include appropriate documentation will be returned to the traveler for correction. Time, effort, and confusion will be minimized when the forms are fully and accurately completed, and submitted on a timely basis.

All original receipts or ticket stubs for expenses of $25.00 and over must be submitted with the expense report form. In the case of airplane tickets, hotel accommodations, and automobile rental costs, travel agency invoices and credit card receipts or statements alone are not acceptable; airplane ticket stubs, hotel bills, and automobile rental bills must also be presented. (Photocopies of receipts are not acceptable.)

These requirements conform to the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service Code and will provide the College with adequate documentation in the event of an audit of either an individual or the College. All original receipts for expenses of $25.00 and over must be submitted, and for meals or entertainment, a list of the persons for whom the meal or entertainment was purchased must also be shown (see Entertainment section).

When a trip involves traveling for both Mount Holyoke and other purposes, it is assumed that the traveler will reasonably prorate the costs to Mount Holyoke and to the other activity. In the event that an original receipt is needed for another organization as well as for the College, a copy of the receipt with an explanation of the prorated charges is acceptable documentation.

The cost of personal expenses are to be paid for by the traveler. Expenses for a spouse and/or dependants are considered personal expenses.