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Jenica Allen

Tracking invasive species

Jenica Allen, manager of Mount Holyoke’s Campus Living Lab, was given the George Mercer Award from the Ecological Society of America.

Tess Tuitoek

A Day at MHC: Tess Tuitoek

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it wherever you go. And I’ll always carry Mount Holyoke with me forever.”

Iyko Day

Anti-Asian violence continues to grow

Iyko Day, Mount Holyoke associate professor of English, talks about anti-Asian hate in America on NEPM’s Connecting Point.

Tasha Elizarde

A Day at MHC: Tasha Elizarde

“My favorite part of the day was walking outside and enjoying the beautiful campus scenery. There are so many birds both in the sky and on the ground (hey, Jorge!).”

Variety of students on campus smiling

A historic year for scholarship support

Generous gifts to the Meet the Moment scholarship initiative mean a Mount Holyoke education will be accessible to a wide range of students.

A masked student outside of the Dining Commons, with a reusable lunch tote slung over her shoulder.

Innovative and fun dining during a pandemic

The dining experience at Mount Holyoke is a key component of student well-being. So how do you feed students safely in a pandemic? 

Shweta Kiran Cavale

A Day at MHC: Shweta Kiran Cavale

 “I love MHC because the environment is very supportive of me being a student-athlete in STEM.”

Sennür Khoso

A Day at MHC: Sennür Khoso

 “One of my favorite parts about being at Mount Holyoke is how magical each day is. Every day is a little different, but just as exciting.”

Nora Carrier

A Day at MHC: Nora Carrier

“Some of my favorite things about MHC are how friendly the people are, how beautiful the campus is and how interesting the classes are!”

Nichole Boutaugh

A Day at MHC: Nicole Boutaugh

“I love Mount Holyoke's emphasis on community. Students are constantly provided opportunities to become more involved, whether it be in person or online.”