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Teacher Morgan Pool MA’14 and her second-grade class.

Three MAT grads’ routes to teaching success.

Mount Holyoke’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program is comprehensive, yet flexible enough to meet a variety of needs—as these grads’ stories illustrate.

Megan Allen, visiting instructor in the Mount Holyoke College psychology and education department

A teachers’ teacher teaches teachers to teach.

Megan Allen delivers keynote speech, dispenses sound advice at the U.S. Department of Education’s Teach to Lead series.


President Pasquerella speaks on vaccines.

Mount Holyoke President Lynn Pasquerella addresses thorny issues of medical ethics on the Bill Newman Show.

Students conversing in the Betty Shabazz House at Mount Holyoke College.

How listening builds better leaders.

A Weissman Center workshop teaches students the importance of really listening to others’ viewpoints, and how this helps leaders move a group forward.

Image of student with include women T-shirt.

MassMutual partnership propels women in data science.

Building on an existing faculty initiative, Mount Holyoke is partnering with MassMutual and Smith to train women in the emerging field of data science.

President Lynn Pasquerella

Pasquerella praises Obama’s community college proposal.

President Pasquerella speaks on the potential benefits of free tuition to two-year institutions.

MHC professor makes super-efficient solar cells.

Physics professor Alexi Arango and his students are doing cutting-edge research using new, cheaper, and better semiconducting materials, says Gazette article.

Women’s colleges are the “new college cool.”

The Huffington Post confirms what MHC exemplifies: women’s colleges attract students who are academically focused, mature, independent, and … cool.

Je suis Charlie takes center stage in class.

French Professor Chris Rivers refocused his course on contemporary French culture in response to the cultural and political milieu surrounding the attacks on Charlie Hebdo.

Activist teacher José Vilson to speak at MHC.

The New York City math educator calls for teachers to claim their power and help reform education so that it benefits students of all races, abilities, and classes.