First-Year Seminar Program

The first-year seminar program introduces students to the idea of the liberal arts.  At the center of the program are the courses themselves.  We highly recommend that all entering students enroll in a first-year seminar.  These courses are small, usually limited to entering students, and designed to teach college-level thinking, writing and discussion. Most of the seminars are also structured to demonstrate connections between the disciplines.

In choosing a first-year seminar, we recommend that you pick a topic that is not directly related to the subject in which you plan to major.   It is best to think of this as an opportunity to broaden your education, so pick a course which is something about which you have always wondered, but never had the opportunity to explore.  Please keep in mind you may only sign-up for one first-year seminar.

The program as a whole also includes a lecture series which will introduce first-year students to a wide array of interesting topics. The lecturers in this series are among the best at Mount Holyoke and the topics are things about which all educated people should know regardless of their major.

Detailed descriptions of all first-year seminars will be listed on, with all other classes.