Fleet Driver Eligibility

Members of the college community who want to be eligible to operate a college fleet vehicle must attend a fleet orientation class, fill out a credential form and have a clean driving history.

Drivers of college vehicles must be Mount Holyoke College faculty, staff or students. During the summer, conference staff may drive a college vehicle after completion of the fleet orientation program and have a clean driving history. Others such as spouses, significant others and off campus people may not drive college vehicles. 


See the Risk Management web site for college credentialing requirements.

  • Fleet drivers must not have more than two accidents, or a history of moving violations (3 minor violations or 1 major violation). Examples of major violations include: driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, operating recklessly or to endanger, leaving the scene of an accident, etc.
  • All drivers must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid U.S. driver's license for at least one year.
  • Must acknowledge receipt and understanding of the college driving regulations.

All Fleet drivers must complete all of the following before being authorized to drive:

  • attend a Fleet Orientation program
  • complete a credentialing form
  • undergo a review of the credentialing application process

The Fleet Coordinator will contact you when your application is complete and you are authorized to drive.

All drivers must maintain a current driver's license. If your license expires, your privileges are revoked until you renew your license and renew your online credentials.

Appeals for Denial of Fleet Eligibility

When a member of the community is determined to be ineligible to drive a college vehicle, they can appeal that decision to the Fleet Coordinator whose decision is final.

When the student is also an employee

The College does not permit students to drive personal vehicles on college business, except in exceptionally rare circumstances (see Five Colleges Risk Management Auto Insurance Information - Use of a Personal Car).

Managers must exercise caution when asking students to drive on college business.  However, the College recognizes that this 

requirement may be unavoidable. If a student/employee is driving a college vehicle or rental vehicle on college business, the student is treated the same as an employee (see 1 above). The manager should make sure that the student/employee has carefully read and understood the DriverAgreement to Terms, Conditions, Rules and Regulations.

Restrictions for Student Drivers

Students may drive a college vehicle on short trips. Short trips are those less than 200 miles one-way. Students may drive vehicles beyond the 200 mile limit if a faculty or staff member is present in the vehicle. The maximum is 250 miles from campus for all trips. Only one college vehicle may be more than 250 miles from campus at once. Fleet Vehicles cannot be driven into Canada. Students may not drive college vehicles that are towing another vehicle or trailer.

Students who want to use a rented vehicle for college business must have written authorization from a faculty member, department head, a dean or coach and be otherwise authorized as described herein and shall be listed on the rental agreement.

Students who want to use a personal vehicle for college business must have written authorization from a faculty member, department head, a dean or coach before the use occurs. In addition, the driver must be otherwise authorized to drive as described herein.

Annual Credentialing

Credential forms must be completed annually on-line. Reminder emails are sent by Five College Risk Management.  Credentialing is for insurance purposes only and must be completed by everyone who intends to drive a college owned vehicle or a personal vehicle on college business. 

Loss of Driver Privileges

If a student driver is involved in an at-fault accident with a college fleet vehicle or has violated college rules, the student will automatically lose eligibility to operate college vehicles following the incident.  The time of loss will depend on the driver's role in the circumstances of the accident or rule infraction. Drivers may re-apply for fleet eligibility after the suspension period has ended.

Eligibility may be returned after remedial driver training, or in cases where the driver was determined to be not at fault. The Fleet Coordinator will review accident circumstances. Driver eligibility will not be returned until after an accident review, which takes approximately one (1) week. Further sanctions are possible for department or organizations whose drivers do not follow the fleet program regulations.