Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Frances Perkins?
See Who is Frances Perkins? for details about this 1902 MHC alum who became the first female Cabinet member in the nation's history.

Who is eligible to apply as a Frances Perkins Scholar?
Women who are 25 years of age or older and women who are married and/or have a dependent may apply for admission through The Frances Perkins Office.  Additionally, veterans of military service are welcome to apply, regardless of age. Please note that those seeking a second bachelor’s degree are not eligible for the Frances Perkins Program and do not qualify to receive financial aid from Mount Holyoke College.

How will my Frances Perkins application be read?
Frances Perkins applications are read holistically, as are all applications to the College, but special emphasis is placed on college-level coursework and a student’s overall academic trajectory. The most competitive candidates to the Frances Perkins Program typically present between 40 and 64 transfer credits on an academic record that includes success in very recent coursework. Transfer credit is approved by Mount Holyoke’s registrar and by the department in which students major. 

What is the application process?
See How to Apply. Should you experience any difficulty submitting your application, please contact admission.

Are admission interviews required?

Interviews are required for all Frances Perkins applicants, and must be scheduled two weeks prior to the application deadline. To schedule an interview, either on campus or via Skype, please contact the Frances Perkins Office.

What are my transfer requirements?
See the How to Apply.

What is the age range of FPs?
See Get to Know Us.

Are students who identify as transgender welcome to apply?
Yes, Mount Holyoke remains committed to its historic mission as a women’s college, yet we recognize that traditional ideas of gender are being challenged by those whose identity does not conform to the biology of their bodies. We review applications from students who are female, as well as from individuals who identify as women.

What are my housing options?
See Housing.

How can I arrange for a tour of the campus?
We encourage prospective Frances Perkins applicants to join us in November or February for a Frances Perkins Campus Day. Alternatively, you may contact the Frances Perkins Office to schedule a visit at your convenience.