Get to Know Us

Ninety-five diverse and intellectually curious women are enrolled in Mount Holyoke College's Frances Perkins Program in 2016-17. The following profile-which includes information about these students' employment history, educational background, and fields of study-should prove useful to you during the application process. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Total Enrollment 2016-2017
Frances Perkins Program Scholars: 95

Range: 21-73 years old
Median: 32 years old

Alana Students
African American, Latina American, Native American and Pacific Island students

International Students
 Haiti, Japan,  South Africa, South Korea, Vietnam

Marital Status
Single: 71, Married: 23, Widowed: 1.

Women with Children: 31

Living in Residence Halls: 23


There are 48 established majors to choose from. Here are some of the majors that Frances Perkins students are currently pursuing: African American Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Art, Asian Studies, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Critical Social Thought, English, Environmental Studies,Gender Studies, History, International Relations, Mathematics, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology and Education, Religion, Theatre.

Educational History

In 2016-2017, 97% of the women in the undergraduate program attended a community college prior to entering Mount Holyoke.  Since 1980, thirty-eight former Mount Holyoke students have returned to finish their degrees. Frances Perkins students have interrupted their education from one to thirty-five years. The average number of transfer credits earned by Frances Perkins students prior to attending Mount Holyoke is forty-eight.

Employment History

Frances Perkins students have worked in a wide variety of occupations prior to returning to college. Factory worker, waitress, secretary, sales clerk, cabinet maker, construction manager, registered nurse, bank officer, auto mechanic, preschool teacher, bookkeeper, court reporter, hairdresser, electrician, code enforcement officer, computer consultant, interior decorator, opera singer, roofer, realtor, horticulturist, lecture agent, medical technician, musician, nanny, seamstress, flight attendant, riding instructor, television actress, town planner, legislative assistant, White House assistant, acupuncturist, chef, bond trader, translator, ranch hand, graphic artist, union organizer, and substance abuse counselor are among the jobs listed on Frances Perkins applications.

While at Mount Holyoke, some Frances Perkins students hold work-study jobs on campus, others work off campus in such jobs as baker, nurse, bank teller, accountant, dental assistant, tutor, jazz singer, legal secretary, personal assistant, opera singer, voice teacher, environmentalist, tutor and domestic abuse counselor.

In addition to a variety of work experiences, Frances Perkins students have been active in their communities. Among their interests are AIDS awareness, the PTA, scouting, women's issues, politics, church activities, toxic waste, community theater and arts, 4-H, League of Women Voters, conservation projects, the elderly, charity fundraising, Special Olympics, the Junior League, and the hospice movement. Frances Perkins graduates have held elected positions as members of city councils, school committees and library trustees.

On campus, they are involved in athletics (including the crew and riding teams), student government, and the glee club.  Frances Perkins students also serve as Community Based Learning fellows, and Speaking, Arguing, and Writing assistants.