The housing options for Frances Perkins students reflect the philosophy that developing a campus life can be an important part of the undergraduate experience. Frances Perkins students who choose an on campus option are assigned to apartments that are located on the perimeter of the campus.  These apartments offer single rooms, shared bathroom, and kitchens.  Students can elect a full or partial board plan or cook for themselves.  The option to live in these apartments year round at an additional cost is available.

Some Frances Perkins students elect to stay on campus for one or more nights during the school week and they are able to reside in computer rooms in a beautiful Victorian Home located at 57A College Street.  Arrangements can made through the Frances Perkins Office to reserve a bed on a per diem basis.  Students who commute from a distance or who wish to stay late on campus to use the library or to study in quiet space find this option particularly appealing and affordable.

Many Frances Perkins students do live off campus, tapping into an informal FP housing network. Women with school age children who wish to relocate benefit from the advice of program staff and current students. The Pioneer Valley is gorgeous, with good schools, strong community, and artistic havens like Amherst and Northampton. Boston, New York, and Vermont's Green Mountains are easily accessible. The Valley is known nationwide for its cosmopolitan mix of shops, galleries, restaurants, coffee houses, concerts, and theaters. Just across the street from Mount Holyoke, students, faculty, and staff take advantage of the shops, restaurants, and theaters of the Village Commons.