Erna Wilson

Why MHC: I wanted to attend a school that was not only transfer-friendly, but that understood that a non-traditional student is going to have a different experience than their traditional counterpart. In addition, Mount Holyoke has a strong, competitive reputation with extraordinary professors and staff.

Current Residence Hall: Brigham Hall 203

Postgraduate Plans: Graduate school

Favorite Professors:

  • Sandra Lawrence (Psychology and Education)
  • Tony Lee (Art History, My Advisor)
  • Paul Staiti (Art History, Film Studies)
  • Robin Blaetz (Film Studies)
  • Chaia Heller (Anthropology)

Favorite Class: 2010 (seriously...Women in American Popular Culture from 1945 to the Present)

Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Student Government Association or Varsity Soccer

Favorite Place on Campus: SGA Office in Blanchard (where we get together and plan board games) and Kendall Sports Complex (where I love to challenge other FPs to a badminton show down)

Favorite Tradition: A tradition I started this year of having a group of FPs show up for lunches and dinners at Ham dining hall where we fellowship and enjoy one another