Roshonda Degraffenreid

Why MHC: I chose MHC because it has a unique reputable program (Frances Perkins Program) designed for non-traditional women wanting to complete their Bachelors degree.... I was eager to be a part of community of strong diverse women determined to achieving their academic dreams regardless of their age.

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Frances Perkins Scholars Association peer mentor.
  • Member of an Action committee for Baystate Health Systems.
  • Homeless for Horizon (Play pal placement in Holyoke, MA).
  • Special Olympics volunteer.
  • Also, for fun, I take and manually develop black and white photos.

Favorite MHC Professors:

  • Becky Wia-Ling Packard, associate professor of psychology and education: “She helped me transition to MHC from Holyoke Community College.”
  • Kathy Binder, assistant professor of psychology: “She taught how to be a more effective student."
  • Lois Brown, associate professor of English & director of the Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts: “Our exchanges are purely casual. However, she always shows an interest towards my personal and academic development here at MHC.”

Future Plans: Attend an MBA program in business or pursue a degree in social work.

Favorite Singers: Billy Holiday, Jill Scott, and John Legend.

Favorite Movie:
Color Purple.

Favorite Books: Living Water and all of Suze Orman’s books.

Favorite Web Sites: and

Favorite local restaurants:

  • Chef Wayne’s Big Mamou in Springfield, MA.
  • Mulino’s Restaurant in Northampton, MA.

Guilty Pleasures: Reality televisions shows (Project Runaway, Top Chef, etc.,) and reading my daily horoscope .

Life-changing Experience:
Going back college.

Why I Do What I Do: Ultimately, I want to inspire others who started out like me to pursue their dreams.

Favorite MHC Traditions: Mountain Day and M&Cs.

Favorite MHC Places:

  • Info Commons in the library.
  • Abbey Chapel: "It is such a peaceful place. I go there to ease mind when I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed.”
  • Amphitheatre stage: "On warm sunny days, I like sit in the stands and envision myself walking across the graduating stage accepting my MHC diploma.”

Growing Up I Wanted to Be: A fashion designer.

Little Known Fact About Me:I am the first person in my immediate family to attend college.