Theresa Antonellis

Why MHC: For so many reasons, all equally important. I was very fortunate to have as my mentor at Community College an amazing woman who graduated from Mount Holyoke College about ten years ago. Gwen Scherer recommended that I look into MHC and the Frances Perkins Scholars program. On my first visit the natural beauty of the campus captured my heart. I was attracted to the combination of a small student population of very high achievers in an environment that brings out the best in its students. Transferring into MHC has been a completely positive experience. There is an element of friendly helpfulness that pervades every office.

Expected Graduation Date: May 2009

Current Residence Hall: North Mandelle

Postgraduate Plans: Grad School

Internships: MHC Art Museum

Favorite Professors: Nancy Campbell and Joe Smith

Favorite Class: Printmaking and Sculpture

Favorite Extracurricular Activity: Taking photos of friends, family and MHC campus

Favorite Place on Campus: The waterfalls on Upper Lake

Favorite Tradition: Christmas Vesper