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Announcements for the Web gateways must be related to College business and originate from a department or official student organization. Please keep in mind these announcements will be visible to the general public, so check your spelling, grammar, and accuracy before submitting. Keep your announcement brief (60 words or less) and, if necessary, provide a link to additional information.

Announcements will be reviewed before being posted, and will be posted within two business days of being submitted. Requests that are complete and follow all of the guidelines are usually posted within a day or less.

Events should be posted to the MHC Events Calendar. Job listings and personal matters (such as items for sale or ride requests) will not be accepted; they should be posted as appropriate to JobX, a departmental or personal website..

Announcements are listed in reverse chronological order. If your announcement is time sensitive, you may wish to post a reminder at some point after the original announcement.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Communications.

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