Memorial Gift Opportunities

In addition to gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund, you might also consider the following opportunities:

Endowment Fund

An Endowment Fund supports specific areas of interest such a financial aid, faculty support, and student research. New funds can be namd for the individual(s) you wish to memorialize. Endowed funds begin at $100,000.

Botanic Garden Fund

The Botanic Garden Fund provides for memorial trees or benches. A recognition plaque can be affixed to the item selected. Gifts to the Botanic Garden Fund begin at $3,000.

Book Tribute Fund

The Book Tribute Fund supports the purchase of new books. A permanent bookplate recognizing the person(s) you wish to memorialize can be placed in each book. Gifts to the Book Tribute Fund begin at $50.

To discuss these or other memorial gift opportunities, please contact Cappie Glica, stewardship officer, at 800-642-4483.