The Senior Campaign

2020 class board

What is The Senior Campaign?

Each year the senior class works together to leave behind its legacy, in the form of The Senior Campaign. This is an opportunity for your class to work together to accomplish an audacious goal, a chance for new or established leaders to come up with creative ideas for ways to engage classmates, and the first chance for your class to join forces with the thousands of alums who have paved the way and supported you.

Throughout the years, alums have invested in MHC, and you, because they believe in your talent and your passion. Now, led by Head Class Agents (HCAs) Eloise Arnot and Marisol Fernandez, and with the support of the 2020 Class Board, you are ready to join alums in supporting future generations of Mount Holyoke students!

Here's a message from your 2020 HCAs:

“Part of what we love about promoting philanthropy as Head Class Agents is all the conversations we have with our classmates about their time here. All of us have had so many different experiences at Mount Holyoke, and the reason we wanted to be Head Class Agents was to make sure that future MoHos have just as many opportunities as we did during our time here. We are honored to be sharing this experience of collectively transitioning from students to alums with you all.”

Our Goal is 100 percent class participation!

How Do I Make a Gift?

Whether your gift is $5 or $25, you can stand up and give back through the Senior Campaign. Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and appreciated!

Your participation is what's most important!

For more information about the Senior Campaign or to get involved with the program, please contact Meghan Safford (Golden) in the Office of Advancement at or 800-MHC-GIVE.