Seniors Fund FAQ

What is the Senior Gift?

The Seniors Fund is a fundraising effort by the senior class in conjunction with The Mount Holyoke Fund. Since the 1970s, graduating classes have come together to raise a gift of thanks in support of the mission and future of the College. The Seniors Fund is our first introduction to the importance of giving back annually to Mount Holyoke with our time, talent, and treasure once we join the alumnae community. It's an opportunity for our class to leave a lasting legacy of support for the place we have called HOME these past four years.

Who is leading our Seniors Fund Campaign?

The Class of 2014's Senior Gift is led by Head Class Agents Christina Strathopoulos and Victoria Helwig.

For more information about your Senior Gift or to get involved with the program, please contact Beckie Markarian '07, Officer, Student Philanthropy and Special Gifts, at 800-MHC-GIVE.

Where do gifts to the Seniors Fund go?

Your Senior Class gift can be specifically designated to one of the following 10 categories:

Wherever Mount Holyoke needs it most
Student Scholarship Aid
Faculty Support
Technology and Teaching Tools
Library and Archives
Campus Preservation and Beautification
Athletics and Physical Fitness
Student Life
Sustainability/Green MHC

All of these options receive support from The Mount Holyoke Fund in which the total of our Senior Gift funds will be given to.

What is The Mount Holyoke Fund?

As alumnae, we will be asked to make a gift to The Mount Holyoke Fund each year. All gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund are applied directly to Mount Holyoke's operating budget supporting scholarships and financial aid, faculty excellence, teaching tools and technology on campus, facilities, emerging needs, and so much more! Alumnae gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund account for nearly 10% of MHC’s Operating Budget each year. Last year, our generous and loyal alumnae raised nearly $8.4 million for the College, all of which goes to support students here on campus.

An institution's annual giving is viewed as a measure of strength and support. High levels of participation from alumnae reflects positively upon the College by demonstrating that alumnae support the institution and its mission.

History of the Seniors Fund

2001 $2,800 96.0%
2002 $4,377 91.0%
2003 $3,500 98.0%
2004 $5,424 87.8%
2005 $5,334 78.0%
2006 $5,289 76.0%
2007 $5,272 78.2%
2008 $5,759 46.0%
2009 $4,390 44.0%
2010 $4,296 36.0%
2011 $4,759 50.0%
2012 $5,276 40.0%
2013 $4,690 28.0%

Why should I participate?

The Seniors Fund is an opportunity to examine your Mount Holyoke experience. Alumnae gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund have helped to enrich your experience at Mount Holyoke, so this is YOUR chance to pay it forward to the College and future students just like you.

Your Mount Holyoke relationship is not over after commencement—it lasts a lifetime! A donation to the Seniors Fund helps begin the transition from student to alumna status... hopefully sparking the commitment to further involvement of your time, talent, and treasure.

Giving back to Mount Holyoke not only enhances Mount Holyoke's national reputation, but it also increases the value of a Mount Holyoke diploma to future employers.

  • College ranking systems such as the US News and World Report use alumnae giving percentages in their quotient when ranking colleges. Giving back helps Mount Holyoke retain its top rankings.
  • Many foundations use alumnae giving percentages when determining which schools will receive grants and how much they will receive.