Volunteer Positions Descriptions

Head Class Agent

Head Class Agents (HCA) are a vital part of class leadership, responsible for sharing the message about the importance of annual giving to MHC through The Mount Holyoke Fund. Working with a team of volunteer Class Agents, HCAs coordinate the class-based giving efforts that raise a cumulative total of over $8M per year for Mount Holyoke! Download the full description.

Cornerstone Chair

Cornerstone Chairs (CSC) work closely with the Head Class Agents (HCAs) throughout the five-year reunion cycle to develop a strategic plan for raising Cornerstone gifts of $1,837 or more from classmates. Leadership gifts make up approximately 75% of The Mount Holyoke Fund. Download the full description.

Class Agent

Stay connected to the Mount Holyoke community and make a meaningful—and immediate— impact on Mount Holyoke's mission. Download the full description.