Conference Related Course

Coll 115. Justice and Imagination: Building Peace in Post-Conflict Societies

How can societies build lasting peace when they emerge from violent internal conflicts facing widespread trauma and loss of life, a disintegration of the social fabric, weakened state institutions, and broken economic structures? From Syria to Guatemala, countries around the world wrestle with this question. In this team-taught course, we explore the interaction and impact of key factors on the effectiveness of peace building in post-conflict environments: processes of transitional justice (e.g. amnesty, tribunals), forms of reconciliation & memory (e.g. rituals of healing, cultural forms of memorialization), and conditions for economic & social policies (e.g. institutional capacity, resource mobilization). Course culminates in conference with international experts.

The course starts on Jan 27 and ends on March 3rd after the February 28-March 1, 2014 conference on the same topic. Students are required to attend the conference.

The two-credit course counts as credit in International Relations and Politics.

Eva Paus (Economics)
Nicole Doerr (International Relations)
Vinnie Ferraro (Politics)
Holly Hanson (History)
Andy Reiter (Politics)
Karen Remmler (German Studies, Gender Studies)
Jon Western (International Relations)