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Conference Related Course

Coll 115. Development in Crisis

In the current globalization process, economic development faces a triple crisis: exclusion of hundreds of millions of people, an environmentally unsustainable growth pattern, and lack of structural transformation. In this team-taught course we analyze the reasons for the triple crisis and explore policy solutions that lead to democratization of development, to an increase in the well-being of half the world’s population without jeopardizing the sustainability of the natural environment, and to a transformation of the economic structure.

The course starts on Jan 24 and ends on March 6 after the March2-3 conference on the same topic. Students are required to attend the conference.

The two credit course counts as credit in Economics, History, International Relations, and Politics.

Eva Paus(Economics)
Shahrukh Khan
Tim Farnham
(Environmental Studies)
Catherine Corson (Environmental Studies)
Matt McKeever
Jon Western
(International Relations)
Holly Hanson
Vinnie Ferraro