Conference-Related Course

Two Credit Mini Course Leading up the Conference:
The Rise of China I – 115, Spring 2008

China's phenomenal growth over the past two decades has profound economic, political and environmental implications, internally as well as globally. Can China make its growth compatible with environmental sustainability and growing demands for political rights and citizenship? What are the geopolitical implications of a rising future super power for US-China relations, for a reconfiguration of political and economic relations in Asia, and for multilateral strategies to address global challenges? Does China’s rising power offer more resources and policy space to other developing countries or does it reduce their ability to develop?

Team-taught by Asian Studies, Economics, IR, and Politics faculty (the course counts as departmental credit in all four departments). Weekly common lectures and separate discussion sections. Course end in early March with a college-wide conference on the same topic.

Students need to sign up for I-115 and for one of the discussion sections.

Common weekly lecture: Monday nights 6:30 – 8 pm, separate discussion sections

Sections for the Course:
Section 115-01 Satya Gabriel M, 8:15 – 9 pm
Section 115-02 Michael Klare M, 8:15 – 9 pm
Section 115-03 Jonathan Lipman M, 8:15 – 9 pm
Section 115-04 Eva Paus M, 8:15 – 9 pm
Section 115-05 Jon Western M, 8:15 – 9 pm