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The McCulloch Center promotes the use of in-class tele-collaborations as a tool for international education. The Center collaborates with Research and Instructional Services (RIS) in LITS and the Teaching and Learning Initiative (TLI) in the Weissman Center to support faculty in the use of in-class video-conferencing to maximize learning outcomes for global education and beyond.

Since we started the VP-50 project in 2011, over 50 Faculty Members have participated in the Initiative (often more than once and often in more than one course). They have used the video-conferencing option in class to have discussions with outside experts in their fields, with the author of a book they read in class, or with students at universities in other countries.

Our assessment shows that video-conferencing may be very useful for:

  • Broadening students' understanding of different perspectives on international and global issues
  • Raising their awareness of how global issues play out in practice
  • Deepening their cross-cultural understanding
  • Enhancing their proficiency in languages other than English
  • Making links between students' interest in the international dimensions of a subject matter and possible career paths

Video-conferencing technologies available for class use at MHC

VP-50 application

VP-50 assessment